Ginseng Ginst 15  
Stress Management as Nature Intended.
ILHWA is The World leader in Ginseng Science.
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Ginseng Ginst 15
One Box
30 vegan capsules
Autoship Every 30 Days
Price: $31.05

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Ginseng Ginst 15
Two Boxes
Each box Contains 30 vegan capsules
Autoship Every 2 months
Price: $53.95


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ILHWA is The World leader in Ginseng Science!
Through decades of consistent scientific leadership,  ILHWA developed the world’s most efficacious and balanced ginseng extract.
GINST 15 - 21st Century Korean Ginseng™ from ILHWA

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Through continuous scientific research and development for more than four decades, ILHWA has become the World Leader in Ginseng Science. ILHWA means “One Harmony”.  We pursue the harmony of human science and nature.

The company is driven by a single passion…  to bring wellness to humanity across the globe through this incredible herb.

LHWA utilizes the best that modern science has to offer in all of its research and development. The key is to use the best in science while carefully honoring the quintessence of this remarkable ginseng root, which has been used for 5,000 years to heal and optimize human potential. GinST 15 high absorption enzyme fermented ginseng is the result of dedicated science that honors the integrity of nature.

In 1981, ILHWA created a research and development center, applying the best in scientific research to create breakthroughs in ginseng growth, harvesting, processing and extraction. Today, ILHWA is a small high tech pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company with 3 divisions: Ginseng, Pharmaceutical, and Beverage. We are fully KFDA compliant and GMP and ISO certified. ILHWA holds numerous patents and has published 100’s of papers and clinical studies.

Take GinST 15 everyday to bring your body into homeostatic balance.


• Stress Management as Nature intended.

• Smooth energy, vibrancy, and mental clarity.

• Optimize your health, your life and your performance.

Stress Management Breakthrough Created by 21st Century Ginseng


ILHWA uses whole root processing without peeling, utilizing its own proprietary low heat vacuum extraction. The roots are harvested at the optimum time of 4 to 5 years. Most companies use the traditional 6 year harvested root which is inferior as it is more fibrous providing less density of ginsenosides and other key ingredients.

Ilhwa became the leader in ginseng science with an R+D center established in 1981. Ilhwa used diligent science focused on honoring the integrity of this remarkable healing herb to develop the first fully balanced ginseng extract. Ilhwa created and combined four unique processes:

1. Optimum harvest at year 4 or 5.
2. Whole roots without peeling.
3. No high heat steaming.
4. Proprietary low heat slow vacuum extraction. The result: A fully balanced adaptogen which brings the body into homeostatic balance. This is stress management as nature intended

Discovery of the End Stage Metabolite IH901
Ilhwa scientists found that the unique active ginsenosides in ginseng are not metabolized until reaching the colon.
Therefore many people receive limited benefit from ginseng. To solve this Ilhwa discovered the natural end stage ginseng metabolite and called it IH901. This has transformed ginseng science and led to the creation of Ginst 15.

Ilhwa Groundbreaking Solution: Ginst 15 Experience Stress Management as Nature Intended.

•  In 2010, Ilhwa developed and patented an enzyme fermentation process to create the metabolite form of Ginseng centered on the metabolite IH901 as the marker. Thus, GinST 15, high absorption ginseng was born!

This high efficacy fermented ginseng has shown in human GINST 15 Clinically Proven:

•  15 Times Increased Absorption

•  4 Times Faster Absorption

•  4 Times More Consistent

•  In independent clinical research Ihwa had 300% more ginsenosides than the leading red ginseng extract sold!


So, now all the wonderful attributes of ginseng can be fully absorbed and can allow the body to come into homeostatic balance



•  Stress

•  Anxiety

•  Fatigue

•  Stress

•  Compromised Immune Function

Each box has 30 Gel Caps enough for one month taking one per day. Each vegan gel capsule has the full 96mg dose of our patented high absorption metabolized ginseng. We also include high quality Borage Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil in each gel cap.
The gel capsules can be separated individually from the 6 pack to take with you or to share with others.

The GinST-15 gel caps are remarkably safe and non toxic. When your stress levels are high, additional gel caps can be taken. GinST 15 supports your body to achieve homeostatic balance where you experience smooth energy and mental clarity, and also deep restorative sleep when taken just before bed.

Suggested Use
Take 1 or more as directed by your doctor in the AM and before bed, and during the day as needed, preferably on an empty stomach. Swallow with water. For daily use.

Other Ingredients
Pumpkin Seed Oil, Borage Oil, Purified Palm Oil, Rice Bran Wax, d-a-tocopherol, Sucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Capsule (Carrageenan, Glycerin, Modified Starch).

Vegan, Non GMO, and No Preservatives
GS15-4 Enzyme Fermented Whole Root Ginseng Extract, unpeeled, no stem or leaves used, Patent pending



•  Ilhwa’s 4 main areas of focus ensure a potent and remarkable ginseng product:

1.  Quality & efficacy (roots)
2.  Harvesting (length of time)
3.  Science (testing)
4.  Absorption (15 times faster)

•  With over 2,000 years of use, the benefits of Korean ginseng have been recognized by scientists worldwide as a powerful adaptogenic herb, helping to bring the body into balance.

•  Many products, which were thought of as ginseng are, in fact, not ginseng. Only Panax ginseng contains the unique active ingredient, plant saponins, or ginsenosides, which have been found to have different and unique adaptive effects on the body, optimizing the body’s ability to manage stress and restore the body’s natural homeostatic balance.

•  Research has proven that Korean Panax Ginseng contains the most ginsenosides and is, therefore, the most powerful and potentially the most balancing.

•  And, not all Korean Ginseng is the same, as there are great differences according to how it is grown, when it is harvested, how it is processed and how it is extracted.

• Ilhwa has revolutionized the technology for storage and the standards of ginsenosides at its research center.

•  Using diligent science honoring the integrity of this remarkable healing herb, Ilhwa has developed the first fully balanced ginseng extract. The result: A fully balanced adaptogen, which brings your body into homeostatic balance, thereby supporting natural stress management, as nature intende 


•  Ilhwa is the world leader in ginseng science

o   Founded in 1975, in business for 30 years,

o   In 1981, Ilhwa opened their own Ginseng Research Center

o   Through hundreds of studies and penetrating research, Ilhwa has used diligent science focused on honoring the integrity of this remarkable herb to develop the first fully balanced ginseng extract.

o   March 2012, formation of wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Ilhwa North America, Inc

·       •  Ilhwa created and combined four unique processes:

1)      Optimum harvest at year 4 or 5.

a.      Most companies harvest roots at 6 years.  Ilhwa harvests roots at 4 or 5 year growth, rather than six years.

b.      They found that 4 or 5 year roots actually have the most ginsenosides and are at peak of nutrient density.  

2)      Whole roots without peeling.

a.      Ilhwa uses the whole root with all rootlets intact.

b.      Most companies peel away the rootlets, but Ilhwa found that these rootlets are potent with vitamins, minerals and ginsenosides.

3)      No high heat steaming.

a.      Ilhwa uses a slow heat vacuum extraction, rather than high heat steaming.

b.      High heat, as in red ginseng, damages the delicate make-up of ginseng and the roots lose much of their nutritional profile.

4)      Proprietary low heat slow vacuum extraction.

a.      The result: A fully-balanced adaptogen, which brings the body into homeostatic balance.

b.      Ilhwa’s proprietary low heat vacuum extraction allows for the expansion of ginsenosides, but maintains the nutrient value of the herb.

c.        In addition, Ilhwa’s process retains:

                                                                          i.  Full amino acid profile including all Bio-Chemical Amino Acids (BCAA's) (reduced by 2/3 with high heat steam, as with red ginseng)

                                                                        ii.  Organic germanium, a blood detoxifier (completely lost with high heat steam) 

                                                                      iii.   All 7 vitamins (completely lost with high heat steam)

                                                                       iv.  Ilhwa ginseng has 200-300%  more Ginsenosides than Red Ginseng extract 

How is GinST 15 used?

It is Stress Management as Nature Intended. By bringing the body into homeostatic balance, it assists the body
to resist stress and recover from stress overload. It has a broad affect on health and wellbeing. You experience a unique combination of smooth energy, mental clarity and focus.   It is non toxic working synergistically with your body. It harmonizes with and augments a broad range of protocols and supplements. The applications for GinST-15 are remarkably diverse for people of all ages.

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GINST 15 - 21st Century Korean Ginseng™ from ILHWA
ILHWA is The World leader in Ginseng Science!
Price: $31.05

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