ACTIVE FRESH eco-friendly shoe & bag deodorant by Pedag

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Active freshness for shoes and sports bags. Neutralizes odors with subtle scent. 99% biodegradable.

checkmark.pngMade in Germany  checkmark.png150 ml/ 5.07 fl.oz checkmark.pngeco-friendly checkmark.pngFor All Climate Membranes

Shoes, which we wear a lot or especially sports shoes, begin to smell unpleasantly after a while. This is due to the foot sweat, which is absorbed by the lining inside the shoe and is decomposed by bacteria. A shoe deodorant ACTIVE FRESH ensures freshness in the shoes. It is best to apply immediately to your shoes after wearing – spray once and the shoes will be fresh again.

Pedag ACTIVE FRESH is the environmentally friendly shoe deodorant, made exclusively for the Pedag eco-friendly line. 99% biodegradable, 100% fresh. Its innovative formula binds odor molecules, thus neutralizing organic odors instead of simply covering them with perfume. A discreet scent provides additional freshness in shoes and sports bags.

1 - Shake well before use! Spray ACTIVE FRESH into the shoe or bag.
2 - Allow to dry at room temperature for 2 hours.

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