Welcome, Prospective Vita-Stream Partners!

Vita Stream Inc. welcomes you and wishes for the success and prosperity of your business in the pharmaceutical market!

Vita Stream is a specialist in nutrition, an innovative formulator, and wholesale and retail distributor of some of the most unique new nutrient, health, dietary supplements and personal care products.

We work alongside leaders in the field who are specialists in the same fields. If you are looking for business partners, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to work with you.

We also offer an Affiliate Business Partnership Programs. 

We invite new partners to cooperate!

Find out about our Affiliate Business Partnership Program:

With the Vita Stream Business Partnership Program you have the ability to earn commissions on high quality products ranging from dietary supplements to anti-aging products. We pay competitive commissions on our products with rates determined by the type of Partnership Program, product margins, and the quantity ordered.

What programs do we offer?

We have introduced programs that enable any individual interested in achieving a substantial, recurring revenue stream, with an easy, low cost option for setting up business in the medicines and nutritional products field. There is neither a joining nor membership fee to our programs and they are all intended to enable you to achieve substantial income. There are two partnership programs available, they are:

  • Affiliate Program

            Simply refer your customers, patients, or site visitors to Vita Stream Online for their supplement, medicine and nutritional product purchases and earn referral fees on their purchases.

  • Affiliate Distributor Program

    Buy our products as you require them at a discounted rate and we will deliver them directly to your customer. Actual margins will depend upon the product. Please note you will be responsible for your own merchant (payment) account.

    Get the highest profit margins by buying our products at wholesale quantities, store, and then market and deliver them to your customers. This is the perfect program for specialists or Healthcare Professionals.

When you become a Vita Stream Affiliate Business Partner, you will receive full advice and support on all matters covered in your chosen program. Simply fill out the form below to tell us who you are, your web details and company details if applicable and we will email you back