Skin Care

Skin Care

Main Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Your Skin.
The health benefits of virgin coconut oil as a base ingredient in natural beauty products and especially as a body moisturizer are well known. Its anti-fungal, antibacterial and moisturizing properties qualities are beyond compare. High quality, virgin coconut oil penetrates fast when applied topically (directly onto the skin). It helps speed up wound healing, increases hydration and reduces water loss in extremely dry skin, is excellent for atopic dermatitis and leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished.

Tamanu Oil Health Benefits
The potent benefits of Tamanu Oil for aging skin, irritations, rashes, stretch marks and burns are extraordinary - from the face (aging and wrinkles) to skin rashes, dry, itchy or scaly skin irritations. Of course, Tamanu Oil is also famous for fighting more specific skin problems (acne, psoriaisis, eczema etc) but here we want to focus on how Tamanu Oil can help where you have sensitive or aging skin or where you may have stretch marks or burns such as a chemical burn

Volcanic Earth’s Natural Soaps are made to this age old recipe, however animal fat has been replaced with our beautiful virgin coconut Oil, Nagai Oil, the skin healing Tamanu Oil and olive oil. Soap making (referred to as "saponification) takes place when caustic soda, which has been dissolved in water, acts upon fats in the oil. Because of the combinations of our high quality virgin coconut oil, the resultant soaps are packed full of glycerine (with normal soaps the glycerine is taken out to make Glycerine). This high level of glycerine renders our soaps softer, lathery, creamier, gentler and super moisturizing for the skin.

YOUTH GEMS cosmetics is a unique innovative set of products based on 35-year long studies conducted at the Saint-Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology in the field of peptide bioregulation. YOUTH GEMS beauty products activate skin barrier mechanisms and help to reducing  of new wrinkles and the depth of existing ones. A unique combination of peptides and ginseng help to promotes the skin smooth, moisturized.