TRUE LONGEVITY Harmony Immune & Metabolic Guardian

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  • TRUE LONGEVITY Harmony Immune & Metabolic Guardian
  • TRUE LONGEVITY Harmony Immune & Metabolic Guardian



Daily stressors such as lack of sleep or exercise, the food that we consume, and our fast-paced lifestyles can create harmful imbalances in our bodies – impacting the ability to function at optimal levels. Suddenly our energy and our ability to recover decreases. Life happens. Age happens

When life happens, our metabolic health & immune function are the first to decline. The systems we need to protect us and help us get back on track are derailed

HARMONY regulates our systems, correcting the harmful changes – restoring our bodies to a well-balanced being.

Your Body’s Inner Symphony

Take a minute and consider the complexity of an orchestra, in sync to create a beautiful symphony… the guidance of the conductor, every musician playing an instrument and its part… The average size of a full orchestra is 100 musicians – if one misses a beat, the orchestra can’t perform at its best.

The human body is no different… It is one of the most complex and dynamic orchestras ever conducted. Muscles, joints, immune, metabolic, and every other system or part must work together in unity for optimal well-being and perfect harmony.

Keep Your Body’s Functions Finely Tuned

It’s no question that your immune and metabolic systems are two important functions your body needs to live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Our immune system is made up of a complex network of organs, cells, and proteins that fight infections (microbes). An impaired immune system may lead to serious infections and can pose a major health risk.

Metabolic function is the way our bodies regulate and manage energy. Metabolism refers to all chemical processes going on regularly inside your body that allow life and normal functioning. An impaired metabolic system may lead to metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that raise your risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, or other serious health problems.

Both metabolic and immune responses are closely linked together because a strong immune response relies on energy. An imbalance between both systems can put us at risk for chronic metabolic disruption.    



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