Pedag VIVA Sport Orthotic for Impact Sports

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  • Pedag VIVA Sport Orthotic for Impact Sports
  • Pedag VIVA Sport Orthotic for Impact Sports
  • Pedag VIVA Sport Orthotic for Impact Sports


pedag-usa.pngA Shock Absorbing, Highly Supportive Orthotic for all Sports

pedag® VIVA SPORT ® is a full length orthotic insole, German hand-made innovative sport orthotic suitable for impact sports such as running, basketball, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, walking, and other weight bearing activities to increase endurance and prevent fatigue. Viva Sport is useful when standing on hard surfaces for long periods because it both cushions and supports the entire foot, thin enough to fit in almost any shoe. Viva Sport has an anatomically shaped, semi-rigid footbed with diagonal bridge function that stabilizes, aligns, and supports the mid-foot. Viva Sport has a high-tech surface with excellent shock elasticity and which is durable and resilient. The material quickly wicks sweat away from the foot. Viva Sport is suitable for shoes, trail runners, and boots with breathable membranes. After wearing: please air overnight.

  • Semi rigid, heat moldable polypropylene foot bed
  • Cover is made from a special new material that employs a high-tech foam containing millions of closed cell, micro-air chambers, making it resistant to fungi and bacteria
  • Orthotic support of the entire plantar region including the longitudinal arch, metatarsal arch support and an extra soft heel cushion
  • High impact elasticity to absorb shock during activity
  • Works in coordination with your boot or shoe's high tech water proof, breathable membrane
  • Good dynamic durability in wear (resistant to tearing and friction)
  • Suitable for people with sensitive skin (according to Fresenius Institute 2005, cover material made in accordance with Oeko-Tex 100)
  • Hand Washable
  • Water-based Adhesives for Sensitive Skin
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Made with Natural Material (Except for Footbed)
  • Awarded APMA Seal of Acceptance
  • Hand Made in Germanyamerican-podiatric-medical-ass-logo.jpg



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