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Thymusol – Thymus Peptide Bioregulator 60 capsules

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  • Thymusol – Thymus Peptide Bioregulator 60 capsules
  • Thymusol – Thymus Peptide Bioregulator 60 capsules
  • Thymusol – Thymus Peptide Bioregulator 60 capsules
  • Thymusol – Thymus Peptide Bioregulator 60 capsules



Why Vita Peptides Peptide Bioregulators?

Vita Peptides stands out as the epitome of excellence in peptide bioregulation. Our products are crafted using the original formulation and processes pioneered by Dr. Khavinson, ensuring authenticity and reliability. However, we don't stop there. We've enhanced our formulations to contain higher levels of active peptide ingredients, amplifying their effectiveness. Designed, packaged and lab tested in the USA, each batch undergoes rigorous testing, guaranteeing unmatched quality and safety. Choose Vita Peptides for a trusted, improved version of the original, backed by our research expertise and Dr. Khavinson's groundbreaking research.

Introducing Thymusol natural peptide bioregulator – your essential companion for nurturing a strong immune system through natural peptide bioregulation. Formulated with natural thymus peptides, Thymusol is derived from original peptide bioregulator formula designed, packaged and lab tested in the USA, ensuring superior quality and reliability.

In today's fast-paced world, stressors and environmental factors can impact our immune systems, challenging our ability to fend off illnesses effectively. Thymusol natural peptide steps in to fill this gap, delivering a higher quantity of bio peptides meticulously formulated to fortify the thymus and support immune function.

At the core of Thymusol's support lies its focus on nurturing the health of the thymus gland.

The thymus plays a crucial role in immune function, acting as a vital hub for the production and maturation of T-cells, essential defenders against pathogens and foreign invaders.

By supporting the optimal function of this gland, Thymusol peptide bioregulator enhances your body's natural defenses, helping you stay resilient in the face of challenges.

Crafted to meet strict quality standards and packaged and lab tested in the United States, Thymusol embodies excellence and reliability in natural peptide bioregulation. Extracted from young calves using a patented filtering method, these natural peptides ensure a product of unrivaled purity and effectiveness.

Thymusol peptide bioregulator utilizes the original formula pioneered by Prof. Khavinson, ensuring that you receive the same trusted benefits found in the original natural peptide bioregulations.

It's not just about feeling better today; it's about investing in your long-term health and vitality. With Thymusol, you're not just addressing temporary imbalances; you're nurturing the foundation of your body's defenses. Elevate your wellness journey with Thymusol - the trusted choice for those who prioritize quality, efficacy, and the power of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical/published results.

What is a peptide?
A peptide is a short chain of amino acids, identified by the fact that it is shorter than a protein, and so can be absorbed easily via the digestive system. Each organ or bodily function has its own unique peptide bioregulator.

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What is a natural peptide?

Natural Russian peptide bioregulators is a group of peptides of less than 50 amino acids and with a molecular mass of less than 5 kDa, free from foreign DNA or protein substance, extracted from organs and tissues of young calves by a patented method of thorough filtering. 5 kDa is very little. The molecular mass of DNA fragments and proteinaceous infectious particles, the prions, are several times bigger than that. Therefore these natural Russian peptide supplements are extremely clean products. They do not have any immunogenic or mutagenic properties.

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What is a synthesized peptide?

The analysis of natural peptides was used to detect the most active peptide from a group, which was later replicated in a lab. Synthesized peptide bioregulators supplement contains only one peptide molecule whereas natural one includes a group of molecules. Synthesized peptides have an immediate impact compared to natural peptides and have a faster, yet more short-lived effect (1.5-2 months). Such peptides are typically used to start. However, it is advised to switch to natural peptides as a follow-up course.

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What combination of peptides would be best to consider for the elderly in general?
Glandokort® peptide supports adrenal health, Vladonix® supports thymus health  and Ventfort® supports blood vessels health.

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Would there be a difference between dosing for men and women?
Not particularly, the dosing is more related to need than sex or body weight

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Is it best to include the blood vessel peptide in all combinations used?
Yes it is recommended, the blood vessel peptide is known as Ventfort®

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What is the typical dosing regimen for the peptides in general?
Two capsules a day for 10-days - a total of 20 capsules equivalent to one pack - for general support this can be repeated again in 6-months’ time, if the need is greater then it can be repeated again in 2 to 3 months’ time, if the need is felt to be great then typically the regimen is repeated every month.

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How many peptide complexes can I take at the same time?
You can combine up to 5 peptide complexes at the same time.

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Are there any contraindications?
Individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Can I take peptides with other supplements too?
Yes, you can.

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How can I be sure that peptides have an actual effect on me?
Sometimes it can be hard to notice changes subjectively, so an objective method can be helpful. Ask your doctor what tests could be done to assess your current health condition. Do them before and after taking appropriate peptides.

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Why aren't there any similar peptide complexes from other companies?
First of all, the process of extracting peptides is patented. Secondly, Russian scientists started working on this class of medical substances 40 years ago at the request of the military, therefore they had access to all necessary funds. There were a 30-year study on rats, a study on apes and clinical trials. Nowadays just a few researches can be funded so well to be conducted on the same large scale.

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What combination of peptides should I take?
According to Prof. Vladimir Khavinson, the president of European Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the first class combination consists of Endoluten (Neuro-endocrine system), Vladonix (Immune system), Cerluten (Brain), Sigumir (Joints and Bones), Svetinorm (Liver) and Ventfort (Blood vessels) for one or two months twice a year. Endoluten and Vladonix are the two most important peptide supplements.

Natural Peptides Bundles:

  • Digestive system: A-7 Svetinorm, A-1 Suprefort, A-10 Stamakort.
  • Cardiovascular system: A-3 Ventfort, A-14 Chelochart, A-6 Vladonix.
  • Central nervous system: A-5 Cerluten, A-3 Ventfort, A-7 Svetinorm.
  • Immune system: A-8 Endoluten, A-6 Vladonix, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Locomotor apparatus: A-4 Sigumir, A-3 Ventfort, A-6 Vladonix, A-21 Bonothyrk.
  • Carbohydrate metabolism disorders: A-1 Suprefort, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Lipoprotein metabolism disorders: A-7 Svetinorm, A-1 Suprefort, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Thyroid gland: A-2 Thyreogen, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Body detox : A-6 Vladonix, A-7 Svetinorm, A-8 Endoluten, A-20 Bonomarlot.
  • Professional or psychoemotional stress: A-6 Vladonix, A-8 Endoluten, A-17 Glandokort.
  • Visual organ: A-11 Visoluten A-5 Cerluten, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Urinary excretory system: A-6 Vladonix, A-12 Chitomur, A-9 Pielotax.
  • Male health: A-13 Testoluten, A-16 Libidon, A-17 Glandokort.
  • Female health: A-15 Zhenoluten, A-2 Thyreogen, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Respiratory system: A-6 Vladonix, A-19 Taxorest, A-3 Ventfort.
  • Intensive physical activity: A-6 Vladonix, A-4 Sigumir, A-3 Ventfort, A-18 Gotratix, A-5 Cerluten.

Synthesized Peptides Bundles:

  • Digestive system: OVAGEN - VESUGEN - CRYSTAGEN.
  • Vascular system: VESUGEN - CRYSTAGEN.
  • Central nervous system: PINEALON - VESUGEN - OVAGEN.
  • Respiratory system: CHONLUTEN - CRYSTAGEN -  VESUGEN.
  • Immune system: CRYSTAGEN - VESUGEN - OVAGEN.
  • Locomotor apparatus: CARTALAX - VESUGEN - CRYSTAGEN.
  • Body detox & psychoemotional stress: VESUGEN - OVAGEN - CHONLUTEN.

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